3 Characteristics To Look for in a Bail Bondsman

It’s always stressful to cope when a dear friend, family member, or other loved one has been arrested. You know you need to post bail and that you’ll need the services of a local bail bondsman, but you naturally don’t want to hire just anyone. Here are a few important qualities to look for when making your decision.

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

1. Availability

Although there’s really never a good time to hear a loved one’s in jail, such things have a way of happening at times of day when you’re the least prepared (like the middle of the night). A really dedicated bail bondsman understands this and offers his services around the clock — 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Search for “bail bonds near me Allentown PA” and narrow your options down to only the 24-hour options first.

2. Value

While it makes sense to want a good deal on the bail bonds service you choose, you really want to steer clear of bondsmen with rock bottom rates that seem too good to be true. Such service providers are often inexperienced, unlicensed, or otherwise not trustworthy. Instead, look for someone who’s rates are indicative of a good value. He won’t necessarily be the most expensive bondsman out there, but he won’t be the cheapest either.

3. Understanding

A good bail bondsman knows how stressful it can be when someone you care about is in jail, so he’ll also be patient and understanding. Did the bondsman you’re considering make you feel heard? Did he put your mind at ease and leave you feeling like everything was truly going to be alright? Was he willing to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns?

Great bail bondsmen don’t just know the ropes when it comes to the system. They’re professionals who are dedicated to customer service as well. Make sure the one you choose makes the grade.

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