3 Essential Practices for Controlling Algae in Your Pond

A sparkling, clear neighborhood pond reflects a pleasing ambiance to most people. A stagnant pond full of algae will likely have the opposite effect. Algae overgrowth signifies underlying problems that may affect the health and longevity of your pond. If unsightly algae blooms have taken over your pond, three primary practices can restore its beauty and functionality.

Essential Practices for Controlling Algae in Your Pond

Eradicating Existing Algae

While the best approach to aquatic weed control is prevention, you may need to eliminate the existing problem before implementing more permanent, preventive practices. Chemical application may be necessary, especially to eradicate a serious algae problem. A pond management specialist can recommend the proper environmentally safe, selective chemicals to target your specific problem.

Aerating Your Pond

Once the bulk of the algae has died, you are ready to implement practices that will prevent the problem from returning. Minimizing toxic algae and other aquatic pollutants require maintaining an oxygen-rich underwater ecosystem. Pond aerators and fountains are the best way to accomplish this. Numerous styles of floating or submersed bubblers and fountains are available, and your local pond specialist can recommend the best size and type for your setting. Some fountain designs have additional ambient benefits, providing attractive spray patterns and additional cooling for the surrounding area.

Nutrition Balancing

In the right quantities, nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are necessary for your pond’s health and vitality. Decomposing aquatic plants and fish waste provide useful nutrients, but without the proper balance, toxic algae blooms can occur. Failure to address an imbalance can contribute to a chronic algae problem and ultimately diminish the longevity of your beautiful property asset. A pond specialist can recommend the right nutrient remediation plan for your pond’s composition.

Properly maintaining your valuable water resource can help preserve its aesthetic and functional value. Algae overgrowth is unsightly and can quickly compromise the balance of an aquatic ecosystem. A combination of elimination and prevention may work best if you already have an algae problem. A proper strategy for controlling algae can preserve your property value as well as the beauty and longevity of your pond.

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