3 Interesting Facts About Airplanes

Traveling by airplane is one of the safest and most efficient forms of transportation. You can reach your destination in a much shorter amount of time by plane compared to car or train. However, there may be some things that you are unaware of regarding this common form of travel. Here are three interesting facts about airplanes.

Interesting Facts About Airplanes

1. Planes Can Be Hit by Lightning

While traveling through a thunderstorm and feeling the turbulence that this weather phenomenon brings can be quite scary, rest assured that if lightning strikes the plane, you will be safe. In fact, airplanes are struck by lightning on a fairly routine basis, about once every year. All components of aircraft hardware kits must be safe for flying in all types of weather, including thunderstorms. Airplanes must be engineered in a way that allows lightning to pass through and away from the outer portion of the jet. You can sit back and enjoy the light show the next time you are on a plane during a thunderstorm.

2. Aircraft Have Secret Bedrooms

On larger planes that are used for long-haul and international flights, there is a hidden compartment where the crew sleeps during their downtime. Pilots and flight attendants alike get a little bit of much-needed rest in these small yet comfortable digs, which are typically accessed through a staircase.

3. Airplanes Can Fly on One Engine

The possibility of engine loss on a plane is a frightening thought, but have some peace of mind knowing that airplanes can safely fly and land with only one working engine. On flights that travel over the ocean, the pilots know at all times where the nearest land is located, should the plane lose an engine and need to land more quickly.

Appreciate these three interesting facts about airplanes the next time you fly.

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