3 Options for Substance Abuse Recovery and Treatment

Substance abuse continues to be challenged in the U.S. With the opioid epidemic, in particular, addiction impacts urban, suburban and rural families alike. Life change can be hard, but there is help available. Here are three options to consider when navigating recovery.

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Sober Living Houses

When looking for a recovery house Rockville MD, it is important to consider the location, the support available, the cost and the requirements for admission. Some recovery houses are meant only for men or women, and some are family-friendly. Everyone’s situation is different. Find the best option for your recovery path, program, and lifestyle.

In-Patient Treatment

Recovery from the disease of substance abuse can sometimes require in-patient treatment at a facility. These treatment centers are experts in addiction and often employ specialists and recovering addicts with long periods of sobriety. Time in a center can help you detox and begin a treatment program that will start you on the right path. They can also provide access to resources and help develop a plan for your departure and next steps.

Support Groups and Twelve-Step Programs

Many people find that they need long-term support to stay sober. In addition, maintaining sobriety generally requires being around others who are also sober and healthy. Support groups and Twelve-Step Programs provide a community of support, help encourage one another and maintain accountability. It can be easy to go back to the status quo without consistent exposure to sober living.

Substance abuse and addiction are serious issues, but they do not have to ruin your life. Finding the right short-term and long-term recovery options that work best for you can make the difference in your recovery. Sober living houses, in-patient treatment, and support groups can all provide helpful resources in your path to recovery. Find the option that will provide the help you need because you are worth it.

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