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5 Things You Should Know About Nokia X

5 Things You Should Know About Nokia X

The revolutionary Nokia X, X+, and XL smartphones that Nokia unveiled you will come to Mobile World The nation’s lawmakers 2014 technically do are powered by Android, just as this leaks and rumours promised — which means you can load up Android apps without difficulty. However, this Nokia X don’t turn in the full ‘Droid experience you think. In truth, the software doesn’t look something like Android in any respect. Here are 5 Things You Should Know About Nokia X.

Nokia Back button doesn’t just talk about the name from the phones; it’s also the name where Nokia calls it is new Android-based OS. Nokia X Application Platform uses Android’s available source code as its base, which assists you to run the Android apps that the majority of phone-fiends crave.

5 Things You Should Know About Nokia X

Nokia X OS

Is Nokia X an Android telephone, a Windows phone or an Ashaphone? The reply, surprisingly is: all of the three! It basically implies that your telephone is dependent upon an altered adaptation of the Android stage and in the meantime backs Microsoft Windows characteristics.

Market Place

Nokia X will support apps not just from Google Play nevertheless apps even from Windows marketplace. Apart from that, the phone is also available to third party apps which can be easily downloaded without installing any source.

Fast Lane

Nokia has customised a short-cut feature called Fast Lane which debuted on Asha devices for Nokia X. The Fast lane feature will let users access their favourite content and notificatins in one place. An extended Notification app, really.


Nokia phones have always been strong, sturdy devices in fact it is the same with Nokia A. Nokia X focuses on sturdiness and is particularly a device which resists damage. The phone can easily withstand some drops and falls along with function great!

Windows Look

Despite as an Android device, Nokia By retains the different Windows look. With regard to ease, Nokia has created the homepage in a manner that the most significant apps, like dialling, messaging, etc are on top followed by social media apps and others towards the bottom. The tiles are as a Lumia device which enables it to be re-arranged.


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