6 Things to Think About When You Move Overseas

Has moving to a foreign country been a life-long dream? If you’re biker enthusiastic, you might wonder about moving your motorcycle along with household items.  Here is a list of things to consider when planning your dream move.

Move Overseas

Do Your Research

Look into the requirements of the country where you want to move. Do you need a visa? Is there a residency limit? Suppose you’re moving to Uganda, do complete research about the requirements before applying for the Ugandan visa. Do you need a certain amount of money saved up before moving? Some countries require you to prove that you could live for six months before finding a job.

Start Saving

Although living in other countries can be quite economical, moving is not. Start putting money into savings now, so you have a nice nest egg to cover financial requirements and pay expenses.


The more things you can let go of, the less you will need to move. Give things to friends, have a huge yard sale, donate to charity, whatever it takes.

Contact a Shipping Company

When you have your belongings pared down to what you will be taking with you, contact an overseas moving company for information on ocean freight Elk Grove Village IL, estimates, and instructions. They can tell you how things should be packed and give you an idea of what it will cost and how long it will take for your personal items to get to you.

Take Care of the Details

Cancel your gym membership, make sure your cat has all her shots, update her veterinary passport (yes, that’s a thing), and give notice to utility companies. It helps to make a list of items to take care of to be sure that you have everything covered.

Find a Place to Stay

Before you book your plane tickets, figure out where you will be staying once you get there. If you are moving overseas to move in with someone, this step is a bit easier, but setting out on your own can be a challenge. You will probably need to spend time in a hotel or a short-term rental before you find a more permanent situation.

There are a lot of things to think about, but if moving overseas has been a long-term goal, it is exciting, too.

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