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6 Tips To Save Smartphone’s Battery Life


Just about the most widespread conditions gadgets like smartphones and also tablets endure is very poor battery lifetime. Using a couple of simple tips, apps and also accessories within your day-to-day regimen can assist to save Smartphone’s battery life your gadget.

How to save smartphone’s battery life? Okay! Here we will discuss 6 ways to improve the battery lifetime of your smartphones and also tablets.

Brightness Level

Display is one of the most battery drainers on a smartphone. Rather than opting for automatic brightness in options, manually set that to 40-50% so that you can conserve battery.


Keep the phone and tablet’s Wi-Fi, Wireless bluetooth, GPS, NFC and 3G connectivity powered off when not needed.

Uninstall apps

Many apps run background processes that consistently consume battery. If you’re not using a particular app, it will be better to uninstall it.

Haptic Feedback

The vibrating feedback through the phone every occasion the touchscreen is needed might feel great, but switching that off saves battery life.

Battery Doctor

This free app can be found for iOS and also for Android. It shows that apps are having more battery and also the remaining battery time from the device. The Android app also lets you do one-touch optimization from the battery. Portronics Limebox (Rs 8, 499) are two Android media players which are already available in India.


Carat is designed for both Android as well as iOS and shows just how much power each managing app is having. After a week’s consumption, it starts giving recommendations on phone usage to enhance battery life.


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