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7 keyboard shortcuts for Google+ notifications


Computer keyboard shortcuts provide most effective entry to content material with your Google+. They are commonly better considering that the shortcut commences you with the correct position for new posts rather then scrolling halfway as a result of all of them. Also, they are a little less difficult with your fingers along with arm because you will not should switch between the two normally (especially a good choice for those with combined issues).
Having key-board cutting corners intended for your Google+ steady stream, that solely is smart in which there should be a collection of these phones work towards signals, way too.

7 keyboard shortcuts for Google+ notifications

Up and down arrow keys : Most of these permit you to scroll the list of notifications. The actual lively notification will be marked with a thin blue tavern within the right-hand part regarding the tile.
Scroll to bottom with down arrow and then press Enter : Most of these activities can open your formerly read notification area.
Enter along with o : Often of such important factors can expand/open your at this time picked notification.
Right and left arrow keys : Most of these can open the subsequent or past notification. You’ll want just one notification open without a doubt to utilize these kind of.
D : Level your at this time selected notification as “Read. ”
U : This will return one to the list of notifications.
Esc : Close up the entire notification section.

However, google has not written in the particular key-board shortcut for launching your notifications section. For those who have the tip for launching that easily without worrying about computer mouse, please depart that from the feedback under.

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