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Amazon announces the second-generation Kindle Paperwhite for Rs 10,999


More than four months after its US launch, Amazon India has added the second-generation Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader to the country.

The price is the same just like the previous generation device — WiFi variant for Rs 10,999 and if you need 3G, be ready to pay out Rs 13,999. These variants are offered for pre-order on The organization said it will begin shipping the latest Kindle Paperwhite on February 4.

The latest Kindle Paperwhite seems similar to its predecessor, however the improvements are actually in its display, processor, touchscreen and software.

Amazon informs this iteration of the product has a display with higher contrast, a much better front light for reading in the dark, each of them should improve reading experience. Amazon declares the latest display will make pages “indistinguishable from paper”.

A common complaint with Kindle devices would be the slight lag while flipping pages or opening books. Amazon says the latest devices have a very faster processor that eliminate this lag. It says a new page flip feature lets you move back and forth between a book without losing track of the page you were on. Fantasy novel lovers will love this feature as Amazon says looking up maps at the beginning of the book becomes much simpler.

Whenever you look up a word in the dictionary, the Kindle Paperwhite stores them in a list that you’ll be able to access quickly. So if you keep forgetting the meaning of certain words, this list will be handy. The new device also features Wikipedia integration.

The new Kindle also has FreeTime, which lets you create profiles for kids and also makes it simple to maintain a check on what they read.

“Kindle is the best-selling e-reader in the world for six years running, and now it’s more appropriate,” Amit Agarwal, vice president and country manager, Amazon India, declared.

Kindle Paperwhite will be available from over 250 retail in India.

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