AVG Mobilation for Android tablets

AVG Mobilation for Android

Any security suite is a must if your personal computer runs the Windows operating-system. In addition to help keeping viruses and malicious software from increasing, a good safety measures suite also safeguards you from unintentionally visiting webpages along with malicious content and also offers many different utilities for shielding privacy and optimizing system performance. These incorporate a startup program boss, file shredder, registry cleaner and the like. The case is a bit different along with Android smartphones which are around for a few years now. Viruses and malware aren’t a major threat, but what’s more important is usually to provide an all-round package that includes handy features such as backup, app locker, process killer and an anti-theft utility. Therefore, most antivirus programs for Android smartphones and tablets incorporate basic protection with a number of useful stuff. AVG AntiVirus No cost for Android isn’t a different from the remainder. Let’s find out which kind of protection and practical use this app provides.

AVG Antivirus for Smartphones as well as for Tablets detects harmful apps. AVG Mobilation AntiVirus Free of charge for Android is really a pretty mobile security solution that helps defend your mobile or phone from viruses, spyware, malware and unexpected web application.

AVG Mobilation for Android tablets and also smartphones virus scanning application, settings, data and media files instantly for viruses as well as other malware. And in case your tablet gets dropped or stolen, it could be traced remotely and wiped to defend your privacy. The particular backup feature also protects contacts, telephone logs, bookmarks, messages and applications installed for an SD card. Moreover, the ‘app locker’ can easily protect any app passwords kept on your phone to prevent children from making use of certain applications or accessing your data.

AVG Mobilation for Android features provided a handy widget that you can place on your home-screen. It offers one-touch having access to four functions that may be assigned by the user. The choices include Protection, Battery, Mobile Data Usage, File Scaner, Task Killer, App Locker and Close All Applications.

AVG Mobilation App Features

Locate and protect your tablet

  • Tablet Locator can help you to locate your stolen tablet quickly via GPS.
  • You can lock your phone remotely by sending text message

Safe and Security

  • Check your whole device to remove viruses with a simple click
  • Automatic scans is usually run weekly, or, as your need.
  • Check apps for viruses before downloading.
  • Check web articles, emails, and SMS for malware ahead of downloading on your device

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