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How to Backup Contacts on Your Smartphone

“I lost all of my contacts” is this kind of common complaint even in the age of smartphones that you have to sometimes wonder if folks are faking it. But as it sounds silly and also unbelievable at times, the fact is when you – and even your kid : accidentally hit a bad buttons on the actual screen, you can accidentally deleting all of your contacts.


If you’ve switched into a new phone, as well as lost your phone, or it ceases working suddenly, you face the same problem. It has happened to the majority of us and it’ll continue to afflict others. The best that can be done is ensure that your contacts are generally backed up so that you can quickly get your lifetime back on course. Here’s how to accomplish this on any mobile phone.


You can copy your iPhone contacts to iCloud or using your laptop via iTunes. The iCloud method is simpler, but needs Internet access.

  1. Go to be able to Settings > iCloud.
  2. The switch beside contacts should have the green on position.

This single step will make sure that all your contacts are constantly copied to iCloud. In the event you format your phone, just signing in the iCloud account may restore all contacts.

If you don’t possess Internet access, you are able to still backup contacts via iTunes.

  1. Download and install the most up-to-date version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone on the computer via USB.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Tap the iPhone icon for the top-left, just beneath the menu pub.
  5. Tap Info on the left sidebar.
  6. Check out Sync Contacts.
  7. Select the service you’d like to sync contacts with in the drop-down menu. With a Windows machine, we were allowed to sync with View or Windows Connections. The latter takes a local backup on your Windows machine.
  8. Soon after selecting Windows Contacts, click Switch within the pop-up to begin a backup.

This will copy your iPhone contacts on your computer. Windows Contacts isn’t available on Windows 7, however, you can install it via Windows Dwell Essentials. If you intend to backup all that’s there in your own iPhone, follow the actual steps described the following.


If you could have an Internet relationship, follow these actions to backup your own contacts on Operating system.

  1. Go to be able to Settings > Accounts > Google.
  2. Tap the account name at the top.
  3. Make sure there is a check mark regarding Contacts.

All your contacts is going to be backed up on your Google account consistently. Note that the precise names of menus may vary between different suppliers and Android variants. If you don’t possess Internet access on your phone, follow these types of steps.

  1. Start Contacts.
  2. Tap the several vertical dots for the top-right.
  3. Pick out Import/export.
  4. Tap Export to storage.
  5. A pop-up will let you know where your contacts is going to be exported. Tap ALL RIGHT.
  6. Open the report manager app on your phone. If there isn’t one, you can certainly download ES Report Explorer.
  7. Inside the file manager, see a folder where the actual contacts are stored. If you usually are not sure, search for vcf as well as the contacts file will arrive.

Copy this report and store it somewhere safe. If you ever want to understand this set of contacts back then you’ll want to use the scan function in contacts, to import the info from this report.

BlackBerry 10

  1. Go to Settings > Records.
  2. Tap Add Account in the bottom of the actual screen.
  3. Engage Email, Calendar as well as Contacts.
  4. Type in your Gmail with and tap next.
  5. Then enter your own password and tap Sign in.
  6. This will established the account. Ensure that Sync Contacts is On.

This will support all your Bb 10 contacts on your Google account. In the event you format the phone after which it add the similar Gmail address all over again, it will routinely populate your contacts list while using the backed up numbers.

Windows Phone

There’s nothing special that you should do to copy your contacts on Windows Phone. When you first set up the device, you will ought to sign in using a Microsoft account. Following that, all your contacts are automatically copied to the Microsoft company account.

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