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Best 6 Stand-Up Exercises to Lose Fat Belly

Looking to shape up come summer 1st for your fall sport? These 6 stand-up exercises, when combined with good nutrition and adequate sleep, will help tone your abdominal muscles, build muscle throughout your whole body, and improve your balance and muscle stamina.

Stand-Up Exercises to Lose Fat Belly



  • Moderately heavy medicine ball or dumbbell (about 70-80% of your respective one-rep max)
  • Stopwatch, timepiece, or nearby clock using a second hand
  • A water bottle (for hydrating prior to, during and following workout)
  • Bench and chair.

Tips (Think “Six” For the Six-Pack)

  • Perform almost all six exercises within six minutes (Do half a dozen supersets. Perform one set per exercise without resting among exercises)
  • Perform half a dozen reps per exercise
  • Rest 60 to 90 seconds right after completing all half a dozen exercises to hydrate, then repeat the six-minute period
  • Start with an upper- and lower-body warm-up. End with cooldown upper- along with lower-body static stretches for flexibility.

Also Read

Stand-Up Physical exercises Single-Leg Squats

Carry dumbbell or medication ball overhead as well as perform Single Leg Squat six times, then switch hip and legs. This promotes sense of balance and strengthens center muscles (abs, reduce and middle back); quadriceps; hips; hamstrings; and neck and arm muscle tissue. Learn more around the Single-Leg Squat.

Side Lunges and Press Outs

Lunge laterally correct and simultaneously explosively mass media ball or dumbbell faraway from your chest. Keep on lunging/chest presses a few more times, then do six eventually left Lateral Lunges/Press-Outs. Muscle tissue worked: chest, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and core muscle tissue, including upper as well as lower abdominal as well as oblique muscles. Watch a video demonstration of the Side Lunge.

Dumbbell Cross Rows

Assume the athletic position having dumbbell in correct hand. Bend knees as well as slowly lower dumbbell across your body toward your eventually left ankle, pause a single second, and swiftly pull dumbbell in place toward waist. Replicate five times, then switch dumbbell in order to left hand intended for six rows toward right ankle. Builds lower, middle and upper back muscles; biceps; and abdominal muscles.

Step-Ups and Press-Ups

Spot right foot on top of bench or easy chair holding dumbbell or maybe ball at breasts level. Explosively thrust off with correct foot and raise left leg large off ground whilst simultaneously pressing ball/dumbbell over head. Repeat five times, then switch in order to left foot Step-Ups. Excellent lower- and upper-body lean muscle endurance builder.

Farmer’s Walk

Hold dumbbell in right hand as well as walk forward half a dozen steps, then change hands and go walking backward six ways. Promotes core balance by forcing the side without the dumbbell to function harder. Learn more around the Farmer’s Walk.

Ball or Dumbbell Woodchops as well as Twists

Assume running stance while keeping ball or dumbbell over head. Quickly drive ball/dumbbell through legs while folding knees and advancing hips. Stand in place and bring dumbbell/ball in order to chest level, rotate laterally and repeat routine five more times. Muscles worked: center, shoulders, arms, breasts, upper, middle and spine, obliques, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings. Learn why you really should perform this exercise should you be a baseball person.

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