Best Items to Take to Pawn Shops

Looking for a way to make some quick cash for a bill, vacation, or for your next Amazon purchase? Pawn shops can be a great solution. You can choose to either sell an item outright or get a loan on your item and go back for it later.

Pawn Shops

In either case, you can walk out the door with cash in hand in just a few minutes, but how do you know what to take? Pawn shops will take just about anything of value, but the following are some of the most popular options.


Jewelry is a commonly-pawned item, but it’s often misunderstood. It’s easy to think that only jewelry of “value” can be pawned, but that’s not always the case. Some pawn shops will even buy costume jewelry if they feel they have a market for it.

Of course, you won’t get anywhere near as much for costume jewelry as you would gold and silver. However, if you have a collection of inherited costume jewelry you don’t want, you could make some money.


Brand new tools can be an expensive purchase, which is why so many people head to pawn shops to look first. Power tools and heavy-duty equipment usually sell best, but even hand tools and yard tools are taken by some pawn shops Daytona Beach-located.

Sporting Equipment

Have a bike you never ride? A motorcycle helmet you don’t need? Baseball bats you don’t use? Items such as these can be very popular at pawn shops.

Musical Instruments and Electronics

Like power tools, musical instruments can be expensive to buy brand new. So can gaming consoles, TVs, and other electronics. If you have any of these items to spare, take them down to your local pawn shop for some quick cash.

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