Better Learning Using Weapon System Simulators

How do you learn weapons and battleground techniques without going to war? Much like learning to fly a plane, you use a simulator. Weapons simulators let individuals learn while doing without needing to place them in harm’s way.

Learning Using Weapon System Simulators

This ensures that each soldier understands the intricate workings of their plane, ship, or other vehicles from its inertial navigation systems to its weaponry’s range of motion and recoil.Using weapons simulators lets the military train its forces in realistic situations ranging from optimal conditions to the worst weather possible using a gamifying process. It eliminates active hostiles and lets the simulation programmer determine the dangers and risks included in the situation.

This process improves training efficiency and can model many real-world situations before a soldier encounters them. A weapons system simulator lets those working with B-52s and Predators simulate their use. You don’t need the bomber to simulate dropping the bomb or evading the enemy while doing so.

Using simulators improves learning because it gamifies the learning process, making it more interesting while requiring the undivided attention of the sole participant. It places the individual in a situation where they must rely on their own training to successfully manage the simulation. This models a real-world situation without a drill sergeant or other superior handy to help out.

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