Call A Lawyer When In Doubt About An Erb’s Palsy Issue

Over the years, more people have been seeing the relevance of contacting a lawyer, no matter how simple the issue they are dealing with may appear.

Call A Lawyer

Often, people believed that it was only the seemingly complex situations that require the expertise of an attorney.

However, they’ve learned that something that appears simple and straightforward can become technical, especially when the other party arms themselves with a legal team.

For health-related issues, also known as medical malpractice, especially in cases involving Erb’s palsy, more people are obtaining an Erbs palsy lawyer.

Is Suing A Hospital Difficult?

You could be able to sue a hospital if they give you any wrong treatment, the personnel makes the wrong decision, or a beloved one dies while in their care.

Even though medical practitioners may have made the error, the hospital retains responsibility for its staff and preparation.

If, on the other hand, the doctor who harmed someone is an independent contractor of the hospital (though many are) and whose actions are the primary cause of the injury, you might not be able to sue the hospital.

Suing A Hospital For The Following Reasons

You have the option of filing a complaint against a hospital if you were injured as a result of issues such as:

  • Health experts’ incorrect diagnosis or treatment
  • You were given the incorrect prescription.
  • Health technologists’ blunders (unsanitary equipment, etc.)
  • Surgical blunders (a surgical item left inside the patient.)
  • The “duty of treatment” was not adhered to.
  • A healthcare professional’s irresponsible actions
  • Medical workers acting in a dangerous or negligent manner (reuse of needles and other disposables equipment or needles, wet floors, etc.)
  • A family member’s death was caused by a mistake.
  • Discrimination is a term that has been used to describe (personnel refused to treat you because of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)

In most cases, you have two to six years to file a lawsuit against a hospital for negligence. This is known as the limitation period, although it differs from state to state.

Erb’s Palsy Cases

Fortunately, most Erb’s Palsy injuries are reversible, but unfortunately for others, it can leave permanent injuries or take years to gain their arm’s functionality, thus requiring an Erb’s palsy lawyer.

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that runs across the shoulder and transports movement and sensory information from the spinal cord to the hands and arms.

Surgery is often performed to restore function in more serious brachial plexus injuries.

If your child has a neck or shoulder injury and is unable to feel or move their hand or arm, they may have Erb’s palsy.

What is the brachial plexus, and what does it do?

A nerve network makes up the brachial plexus, which links the arm’s nerves and arises from nerve roots in the neck and torso sections of the spinal cord (C5-T1).

These nerves power the movements of your wrists, hands, and sides, which allows you to lift your arm, type on your phone or computer, or toss a ball.

Whether minor or severe, contacting an Erb’s palsy lawyer is always the right route to ensure compensation for your injured child’s pain and suffering.

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