How Can Help You in Getting a New House

If you are planning to purchase a house in one of the major metropolitan regions of the country, then you need planning. Apart from planning your budget, you have to find property estimates, location details and many more things that would finally allow short listing a few homes and eventually settling for one. But the whole process is painstakingly time consuming.


Property dealers do not ever tell you the exact value of a property on sale. It is a well known fact that their primary interest in a sale is their fee which is paid out in proportion to the sale figures. Knowledge about the neighbourhood and amenities is also not easy to ascertain. Many times, families with children seek new homes and they want to settle in areas with schools and other amenities for kids. However such information is not available without spending a lot of time on the ground doing recon.

This is where can help you. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi or in any other 8 listed cities, this real estate website helps you search for properties along with educated answers to the peripheral questions(aforementioned) that buyers have in mind before selecting a house.

One-Stop-Service-Shop has evolved as a real estate website that provides almost all property related services to the consumers. There are provisions for buyers, sellers, real estate agents and land owners. One can search for flats, plots, PG accommodations, land and plot projects. Sellers can upload property details in a simple format and the portal lists it according to the needs of the buyers. The buyers in turn can look for properties for rent as well as purchase. They can directly interact with sellers and complete the sales process.

Each property listed on the website comprises of authentic photographs, specs, demands from the seller and along with a property rating that allows a buyer to have an educated guess about the property being worthy of consideration or not. The site also provides details like estimated value, quality of amenities and other map based views which allow both buyers and sellers to know about the property trends in a region.

Recently, the portal has also started a home loan service for buyers.

Map Based views

When someone is looking for a property, he/she should be able to get the best view of the property as possible. Therefore apart from the traditional view, provides property listings on a map view.

Abuyer apart from the property also searches for the details of the locality. He/she should be able to view the property and not merely read about it. The map based view eliminates the clutter to allow a user focussing on specific locations as well as neighbouring areas. For example, a user looking for apartments for sale in Bangalore in Indra Nagar will get to see properties within a radius of 3 km from the centre of Indira Nagar. The user can shift the centre and also change the radius of the mapped area.

There is also other information available for user benefit. The research centre of is constantly endeavouring to meet real world demands of both buyers and sellers. They are able to provide additional information like estimated value of the property, expected time of listing on the market and even whether a neighbourhood is ‘children friendly’ or not.

In Conclusion has been designed to meet consumer demands of the real estate sector. The portal utilizes analytical tools to project trends along locality related information which no other portal can provide.

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