Catch your lying kids with a call recording app

Kids lie—there is nothing derogatory about it when we say this, because every parent would know that their kids do fabricate reality, at least partially. From in-house affairs to outdoor ones, kids really know how to mould the truth, or more blatantly putting it— they know how to lie. If there are some kids reading this, they wouldn’t be really happy with us saying all that, but we want to tell that personal anecdotes do work in this case, because we all have gone through that age before becoming parents.


But even if parents have a idea that their kids can probably lie to them, they still can’t do anything about it, just because they are too uninformed about the newest technology that can aid them in catching their kids lying to them.

A call recording appcan be really helpful for parents to know if their kids have been truthful to them about everything that they come across. But for parents, it’s more than just knowing if their kids are lying or not. For them, it’s about their kids not compromising their security by hiding things from them. After all, there is a reason why we call them parents.

Record. Play. Catch. Repeat

With some help from a call recording spy app, parents can easily find out what their kids are up to. Here are a few possible ways parents can use this app.

  • During school: Parents can use a call recording app like xnspy that also record ambient sounds using the built-in microphone of a smartphone. Doing so will reveal to parents whether their kids are studying or just lost in their world of day dreaming. They can also use this app to track GPS activity of their kids, ensuring that their kids are not bunking school.
  • To check on kids’ safety: Extrovert kids are quick with making new friends, and you can see them bulking up on their friends list every day. It’s actually worrying for parents whose kids are compulsive and binge users of social media apps. These parents can record their kids’ calls to check who they have been talking to.
  • To check on kids’ mental health: During teenage, communication gap starts to build up when kids prefer alienation and seclusion as a result of hormonal changes. Parents find them completely unaware of their kids emotional health. Sometimes, many parents even find it extremely impossible to discuss issues like puberty, sex etc. Call recording can be first step to the initiation of a healthy teen-talk with the kids, by parents knowing beforehand what their kids have been facing.
  • To catch lying kids: when kids face something that they can’t handle, they tend to conceal or lie about it. Just tracking over casual conversation of kids can tell if they have lying to their parents. This way, parents can save their kids from future collateral damage.

XNSPY is a call recording appthat can also track phone logs, emails, internet browsing history and IM chats. Do check it outhere if you are parent worried about your kid and want a simple, affordable and effective parental monitoring solution.

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