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Celebration of 1st Anniversary of TIKI CULTURES has been postponed- Adenike Isi Adeeko

Abuja – Nigeria- 18.05.2020- TIKI CULTURES in Abuja, Nigeria was preparing to celebrate its 1st Anniversary shortly. But the proposed event had to be postponed owing to the imposition of lockdown and other restrictions by the federal government.


The organization had outlined the celebration of its 1st anniversary as a weeklong event. The idea was inspired by the growing popularity of TIKI CULTURE in Nigeria and this time, the organizers had outlined the event to be innovative and highly attractive in many ways to impress and entertain the participants in the event.

Unfortunately; the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic and growing instances of coronavirus infections forced the federal government to impose restrictions like lockdowns, shutdowns, declaration of contentment zones, and the restrictions also included observation of various personal restrictions. Most important are mandatory wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing. Due to the imposition of such restrictions organizing any event resulting in the mass gathering was out of the question. Vent planners had to shelve all such events where there could be mass gatherings. One of the victims of coronavirus restrictions was the proposed 1st-anniversary observation by the TIKI CULTURES.

“We had a one-week-long event planned out to celebrate one 1year of serving the city of Abuja. All the plans will have to be moved forward to respect the federal government’s decision”, says the business owner of TIKI CULTURES, Mrs. Adenike Isi Adeeko.

“We are also aware of our corporate social responsibility in this difficult time when the coronavirus is playing havoc taking many lives. Fortunately, now we are empowered with the most effective weapon to fight the pandemic in form of vaccines. But there are many people that either does not believe in the effectiveness of vaccines or do not know where to get them”, she concluded.

The huge success of TIKI CULTURES inspired the organizers to plan a weeklong event celebrating its 1st anniversary. However, it had to be postponed with the imposition of restrictions by the federal government.

“It does not mean that the event is called off. Hopefully; the situation will improve after some time and we will be able to celebrate the anniversary with our valued clients then.  But presently we are carrying out our responsibilities towards the society and country by adhering to official guidelines”, said Mrs. Isi Adeeko.

TIKI CULTURES is a 7,600 square foot venue where people organize various events with food and craft cocktails among others. The venue has earned huge popularity as a provider of the best facilities to organize events with dining.

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