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How to change your Android phone’s wallpaper

Latest Android smartphones include big, beautiful demonstrates with high pixel density. Why not present it off together with some fresh wallpaper?


To start, navigate on your Settings app. Tap Display within the Device heading, then tap Wallpaper. You’ll get a list of folders of graphics to browse; tap anyone to view your selections.

Each folder includes a slightly different structure, which is just a little annoying. For instance, tapping the Wallpapers option leads someone to a gallery of sorts where people swipe through thumbnails that appear on the bottom of your current screen. The Live Wallpapers folder shows a list of options, and you are able to tap on anyone to preview. Meanwhile, the Gallery and Photographs folders show scrollable listings of thumbnails.

As soon as you find the wallpaper that suits you, setting that decision as your wallpaper could be the same no issue what—you just faucet Set wallpaper.

There’s yet another, perhaps easier way to get at your wallpaper settings on most Android devices. Tap-and-hold on a blank section of the home screen, staying away from all icons or maybe widgets. After a few seconds, you should get a choice to change the wallpaper or create widgets.

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