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With technology changing on a daily basis, we always end up searching new solutions for corporate issues. I was in look out for a US number for calling my new US customer and also wanted them to reach back me on the same number. A cisco setup with US calling facility was too expensive, being a onetime investment is priced and is often opted for Bulk purchase to reduce cost. Minimum requirement of a lease line internet connection also was another hurdle for me. So it was not a solution, I was looking for a solution which was within my budget, handy and should be reliable was in look out for a solution which can change caller id, Change your phone number, Hide phone number when necessary, and buy phone number as I have associates working for me in different teams and we need to contact different prospects.



With a good amount of research I was able to find a solution that perfect for my needs. helped me with all my needs. It was an accurate software that sits on my phone and provides with US number to call out and call in. Now I have different number to communicate with my US clients and I use my android phone for the same. I have a caller id option to set my outgoing number so that the caller id of the recipient shows what I need. I can change my caller id as and when required.I can buy as many US number without any difficulties at all. A few clicks in your android cell-phone and you are all set to go to change your phone number.

I can hide my Number and either sent a caller identification as a private number or a mysterious number. As a marketing representative we need such stuff to pitch in new customers. Having a US number helps in in many use, the client never hesitates to call-back, A us number calling in to pitch for a marketing offer at least is better that an international number keeping in eye the increasing crime rate, being in this field for the last 7 years all I can say is it’s a tool necessary if you have plans to sell in US.

Looking at the price point of view this will be a most recommended product that I have ever come across. It is much cheaper than an entire setup. It stays in your android phone and moves with you wherever you go. It’s a great tool for prank calls as well, as the receiver will not understand the number or u can also change voice or have a pre-recorded message, it turns out to be great fun.This app also enable to convert a text into a message and can send a robotic message to any specific number. All in all it a great package of benefit at a unbelievable price. With growing needs of business I always love staying ahead when it comes to technology. Using myphonerobot ensures I have that proud feeling ahead.

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