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Chromecast guest mode on Android

Thanks to the latest Chromecast tune, you no longer should give out your Wi-Fi password if the house guest desires to share the newest hit YouTube video on the TV.


With the new Guest mode, you possibly can open your Chromecast’s digital gates for a friends’ and family’s Operating system devices. Once you do, they’ll be capable to stream a flick, TV show, or video from among the growing number regarding Chromecast-friendly apps with the necessity to join your Wi-Fi network.

Once guest mode is turned on, the Chromecast produces a Wi-Fi beacon of which other devices can discover when looking for you to cast a video clip. If an request doesn’t connect on auto-pilot, there’s a four-digit GREEN on screen that you will need to type in. After achieving this, all your kitty videos or Netflix favorites could be shared on greater screen.

You be capable of turning off guest mode once the party’s over, therefore neighbors can’t hijack your Chromecast and post you annoying video lessons.

Google first declared this feature throughout June at I/0, so we’re pleased to finally notice make its way into actuality. It doesn’t need an update, so take a look at your Chromecast app and it might already always be there.

The impact on you: You don’t need to bother about network security, because you should not hand out your Wi-Fi password make it possible for anyone to discuss a video on the TV.

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