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Dissever Your Outlook PST File with Split PST Utility

Outlook PST files, although serves to an important role in Outlook, they may become a cause of problems, in case their size increases below a certain limit.The maximum size of ANSI type PST files is 2 GB, while in UNICODE type PST files; this limit has been increased upto 50 GB.However, this increase in the size limit of UNICODE PST files does not prove to problem–free, as performance issues are encountered when its size nears 10 GB. Therefore, no matter which PST file your Outlook is using, in case its size crosses over the limit, issues are encountered, which in worse cases can also lead to data loss. In such a situation, the only solution left is the splitting of your PST file, toavoid encountering any size related issues.

Split PST: Ultimate Solution for PST Size Related Issues

In case you are also experiencing above-mentioned issues, then Split PST is the solution for you. Split PST is an external solution that enables the user to split PST file in to multiple PST files. The software supports both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files and splits them based on their size, date, year and folder.

Features At A Glance

  • Splits oversized PST files based on their size, date, year, and folder.
  • Splits both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • MS Outlook installation necessary for performing the conversion.
  • Supports PST files of all the Outlook versions.

Quick View Of Split PST

Developer MS Outlook Tools
Functions Splits oversized PST files
Current version 4.2
Size 7.4 MB
Interface Graphical User Interface
Compatible with Windows OS Yes
MS Outlook installation required Yes
Trial version Available for free

Working of Split PST

  • Start Split Process

Once the software is loaded, click on Split option to start with the working of the tool.


  • Select Outlook Version

The next step is to select the version of MS Outlook to which your PST file belongs. Keep in mind to select the correct version.


  • Split PST By Size

In case, you want to split the PST file according to its size, select Split By Size option. The software will split the PST file into multiple parts, depending on the size chosen by the user.


  • Split PST By Date

If you want to split your PST file by a certain date, select Split By Date option.The software will create two PSTfiles. One PST file will contain all the emails of the selected date and the emails before that date. The second PST file will contain all the emails lying after the selected date.

Split PST By Date

  • Split PST By Year

Select Split By Year option in case you want to create different PST files for different year.One PST file will contain all the emails of the selected year and the emails before that year. The second PST file will contain all the emails lying after the selected year.

Split PST By Year

  • Split PST By Folder

If you want to create different PST file for each Outlook folder, selectSplit By Folder option. The software will create PST files like inbox.pst, sent items.pst, etc.

Split PST By Folder

  • Browse PST file

After selecting the split option, select the PST file that needs to be split by choosing Browse option. Select the date, size, and year, according to the split optionyou have chosen.


Browse PST file

Different Versions Of The Tool

  • Trial Version

The trial or the demo version of Split PST is available on the official website of the organization. The software only splits first 50 mails of the PST file.

  • License Version

The license version can be purchased from the official website of the company. This version does not imposes any limit on the number of PST file emails and splits the entire PST file.


  • Splits both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • Splits according to date, year, size, and folder.


  • Corrupted PST files can only be split after recovering them.
  • Email preview is not generated before exporting.

The Verdict

Based on the different options offered by Split PST and on the basis of its working, we would rate Split PST as 9/10. The software although, does not split corrupted PST files, the files can be recovered and then can be split afterwards. We found the tool quiet effective and would recommend the users to invest in it in case you are looking for an easy and effective software for splitting your PST file.

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