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Download latest version whatsapp for Android

If you use text messaging apps on smartphones you might have used whatsapp, one of the best text messaging app available for multiple platforms. The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia platforms. Whatsapp comes with a lot of amazing features and with the latest version of whatsapp you can even do video calling to all your friends using whatsapp for free. The setup for latest version whatsapp for android is available which comes with video calling feature. Along with video calling there are many other exciting features also available with whatsapp. You can view all the features which are available in whatsapp below.


Features of latest version whatsapp for Android

  • Send free text messages to your friends on whatsapp. With whatsapp you don’t need to use the text messaging app on your smartphone. Install whatsapp and you are ready to send unlimited text messages to your friends and that too for free of cost. There are no hidden costs in whatsapp. You simply need an internet connection or 3G or 4G connectivity and you can send unlimited messages for free.
  • Don’t only send text messages but also multimedia files using whatsapp. You can send audio, video files, images and other attachments for free of cost using Whatsapp.
  • Chat with all your friends at the same time. Whatsapp allows you to make groups where you can add all your friends and chat with them at once. Share videos, audio files with your friends in group conversations and make them more interesting than ever.
  • Whatsapp won’t charge you even if you are messaging your friends living outside your country. You can send international messages, share files and other stuff with your friends who are living in another country for free of cost.
  • To add your friends you don’t need any usernames or pins. All the contacts who are in your address book and are on whatsapp will automatically get added to your whatsapp. If you want to add any contact, simply enter the contact info in your address book, sync your whatsapp account and you are ready to chat with them.
  • Whatsapp comes with push notifications which will notify you about the messages you missed while you were not using the app. You will always remain connected with push notifications feature of whatsapp.
  • With the recent update in Whatsapp you can find out if the recipient of your message has actually read your message. Once your message has been read you will see two blue tick marks right next to your message which means your message has been read.
  • After Mark Zuckerberg bought Whatsapp one of the major updates which was made to Whatsapp was free voice calling feature which you will find in latest version whatsapp for Android. Using this feature you can make free video calls to all your friends who are using Whatsapp.

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How to download latest version whatsapp for Android

You can download latest version whatsapp for Android from Google Play store using your Android device or you can visit the official website and download the apk file of Whatsapp.

To download Whatsapp from Google Play visit this link.

If you want to download whatsapp latest version for Android from official website you can visit this link. Once downloaded you can transfer the apk file to your Android device and install it by using any File Manager.

We hope you have downloaded and install the latest version of whatsapp on your Android device. To activate the voice calling feature you need to get a call from the person who is already using voice calling feature.

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