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DropItToMe offers simple Dropbox sharing without software

If you use the online file sharing service Dropbox, you know how easy it is for other users to send you files. But what about people who don’t use Dropbox? DROPitTOme (and yes, that is how it’s officially spelled) is a free service that provides a simple way that people can upload files to your Dropbox account without having to install anything. It’s similar to the handy dbinbox.


To use DropItToMe, you simply allow the service access to your Dropbox, and it creates a DropItToMe folder in your account. You then claim your username, which will be part of the link DropItToMe creates for you. I was able to claim “Liane” as a username, so my link will be relatively easy for anyone with whom I share it to remember it. With this link, anyone can send me files that then appear in the DropItToMe folder in Dropbox.

I like that DropItToMe doesn’t simply assign you a random link. Instead, you get an easy-to-remember URL. What’s also nice is that you get to create a password, which folks who want to upload content to your Dropbox account will need to send files. It’s not the utmost in security—especially when you consider the security pitfalls of how you’re going to share that password with your friends and colleagues—but it is at least a protective barrier to your account.


DropItToMe isn’t just for other folks to use. It’s also a convenient way to upload files to your own Dropbox account. You could use Dropbox’s own Web app when using a computer without Dropbox installed, but DropItToMe’s upload link can be even simpler. It allows you to upload files with fewer clicks. It allows you to place them only in the DropItToMe folder that it’s already created, though. And it limits you to files that are 75MB or smaller. But it’s a free, easy way to allow others to share content with you without them having to sign up for Dropbox.


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