4 Features that help Track Cell Phone Activities

Tracking a cell phone has become the norm these days and not just parents, but even the employers are using all kinds of apps to monitor people. There’s no doubt that there are advantages of keeping track of the activities of specific people via their cell phone. For example, employers who want to protect company secrets can keep an eye on their employees to make sure they don’t leak sensitive information. Parents can also keep their kids safe from harmful people by constantly monitoring their cell phone activities. To effectively track cell phone activities, here are four very helpful features to lookout for in a monitoring app:


Monitor Calls

This feature in any monitoring app allows users to listen and record calls. It does this while it remains undetectable, so that the target person doesn’t suspect anything. Whenever parents suspect that someone is bullying their kids, or if there are signs that something is wrong, this feature can be very helpful. Likewise, employers who suspect specific employees of espionage can use this feature to eavesdrop on what they talk about with their contacts secretly. The app temporarily saves recorded files on the SD-card and uploads them to the control panel.

After that, it deletes any trace of the recorded files so that the target person never suspects anything. If you’ve never used an app that does this, it would be a good idea to begin with something user-friendly and easy to manage like XNSPY. In fact, apps with the “Watch-list Contacts” feature make it possible for users to know whenever specific contacts communicate with the target person. The app sends alerts to you around the clock to inform you.

Monitor SMS

From the control panel, you can read entire threads of conversations to see what and with whom the target person discusses things. The app displays details of the contacts, so you can see the name of the person and the cell phone number as well. An app like XNSPY will also have the unique ability to tell you where the target cell phone was at the time of sending or receiving text messages. In fact, if the app has the “Watch-list Words” feature then it will send alerts to you, around the clock, whenever the target uses the words that you’ve watch-listed. From a parental control perspective, this can be very helpful in raising kids and keeping them safe from harmful activities.

Track Locations

Apps with this feature serve as a great tool for people who want to be able to track cell phone users. Owners of mobile businesses, for example, cab business owners can easily locate individual vehicle drivers while they are on the go. This helps them coordinate their team and manage customers effectively and even cut costs. Besides, nowadays apps come with the Geo-fencing tool, which allows users to know when their target cell phone user enters or leaves watch-listed places.

Screen Internet History

For those who want to monitor internet or device usage this feature is very helpful. When employers issue cell phones with a monitoring app installed on it, they can get firsthand insight into how frequently their employees use the cell phone for browsing. They can also see which sites they visit and they can see the bookmarked websites. Likewise, parents can use this feature to keep an eye on when their kids sleep and if they are visiting improper websites.


While ideal monitoring apps must offer these four features, some actually offer many additional features. It must satisfy your needs at every level so that you can effectively track cell phone users.  The best ones are available at extremely affordable prices, therefore it is highly recommendable that you read reviews and read about the app extensively to make sure it is ideal for you.

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