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Filip Wearable Smartwatch helps parents to tracking kids

Filip Wearable Smartwatch

Often times your kid is going for hours and you are too worried about his whereabouts. Making it a lot more worse is the truth that he/she is not really carrying a cellular telephone along. So, you probably have at this moment to panic, don’t a person? Well, not any more.

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A US company has presented Filip Wearable Smartwatch, a brightly colored smartwatch that enables you to track your kid’s location. All you need to do is simply sync it with your touch screen phone and set any Self-Zone radius on your map. As soon seeing that your kid attempts to step out of the zone, you will instantly be handed a notification on ones phone. That’s only a few. The device can also be capable of mailing and receiving calls and text messages.

It’s mainly intended as a colorful way to monitor your kids, whitelist who can call their wrists, see their current location (via GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation), deliver texts and safe zone boundaries, so you know when you’re child is virtually out-of-bounds.

In terms regarding design, the view looks quite odd. So, your youngster won’t have troubles showing it off. For now this gadget is only up for grabs in the united states, and there isn’t word yet upon it’s release inside the Asian market. Filip Wearable Smartwatch has a price tag regarding $199. 99, so that you might probably must shed somewhere all-around Rs. 12500 on this one. Expensive? Properly, not more compared to your child’s safety.

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