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Samsung VP confirms Galaxy S5 launch date and features


amsung has reportedly declared its plans to roll out the Galaxy S5 smartphone that may embody ‘iris scanningtechnology’ in a very potential competition to Apple’s biometric identification tech in its latest iPhone 5S.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled in April and an updated version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would additionally make its debut having the smartphone.

Threshold, the company’s mobile executive VP, LeeYoung-hee announced the latest version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would probably feature “more advanced functions, and the enormous design will also be improved.”

The South Korean electronics giant is also thought to be soon rolling out an updated Galaxy Note line for the next half of this year and is said to be considering a “three-sided display” to allow for visibility from multiple angles.

Lee further decribed that the Galaxy S4 may not have resonated with buyers as much as its predecessor due to the reason that the} industrial design was related}and for the S5 model, they will go back to fundamentals and enhancements will be much more in the display and the experience of the cover.

The report added that the Galaxy S5 would have a new Android skin that features a pastel color system and thinner fonts.


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