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Gmail attachments with Chrome extension

If your workflow involves sending tons of email attachments back and forth, the aptly called Annotate Attachments within Gmail extension for Chrome may help streamline your operations.


After installing the extension and restarting Chrome, the next moment you mouse more than an attachment within Gmail, you’ll visit a button has been added next to the Download and Save to push buttons. It starts up the attachment by way of the Annotate Devices in Gmail off shoot, which lets anyone annotate and add comments towards the file. The off shoot supports images as well as PDF, DOC, XLS, as well as PPT formats.

Over the rest the attachment is really a small toolbar from which you can mark up the attachment via pencil, arrow, rectangle, as well as eraser tools. You can choose a color and adjust the size of the point of your respective drawing tool. You may also add comments towards the document. Each comment gets its very own reference point within the attachment and permits replies. The toolbar does not feature an undo button, but the Command-Z keyboard shortcut done the maneuver with my Mac.

Right after making your annotations as well as comments, hit the Save button from the upper-right corner and the extension creates a message draft. Instead of transmitting the file you recently annotated as a great attachment, the extension simply adds a keyword rich link to the document. And any comments made within the document are listed by the body processes of the email (they will also be available via their reference points within the file itself).

The recipient doesn’t have to have the extension installed so as to open the link to your file. And recipients can add their particular annotations and comments after which hit the Inform button to alert you that the file has already been updated.

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