Here’s How CBG Products May Help

Cannabinoids have become a popular form of treatment for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. While our understanding of cannabinoids has improved greatly in recent years, we’re only starting to uncover the full potential of these substances. And while CBD is the most well-known cannabinoid, other cannabinoids, like CBG products, are showing a lot of promise.


CBG refers to cannabigerol and it’s the base cannabinoid from which other substances are derived. CBG is only found in small quantities in marijuana and hemp plants. However, you can often find more CBG in younger plants compared to older ones.

So what are CBG products good for then? Many athletes report improved performance while playing sports and working out. Many also say that they recover more quickly and don’t have to worry about sore muscles, aches, pains, and other problems.

The benefits of CBG products don’t seem to stop at physical pain, however. It seems that CBG may also impact neurotransmitters that affect sleep, pleasure, focus, motivation, and more. So far, it seems that CBG oil may also help with anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. This, in turn, could help with school, work, and your personal life.

CBG products don’t cause you to get high. So if you do want to try these substances, you’ll likely not have to worry about getting buzzed. That said, CBG oils and other products may help you relax and unwind. If you’re feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, CBG may help.

As with many new types of treatments, we’re just learning about the benefits of CBG products. So far, however, early research and user experiences suggest that CBG may offer a variety of benefits.

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