Hotel Check-In Kiosk: What is It and Why It Matters

In today’s world, the hotel check-in kiosk is an expected feature in the hotel lobby. These devices allow guests to manage and control many aspects of their stay. In addition to being an essential cost-saving measure, the kiosk can also provide opportunities for upselling.

Hotel Check-In Kiosk

Automated Check-in

Automated check-in kiosks are a great way to streamline the check-in process for guests. They can save time and reduce operational costs. By generating room cards and generating payments, they also offer maximum convenience for guests. In addition to lowering hotel staffing requirements, there are also disadvantages of a self check-in hotel, but it provides numerous benefits which surpass the cons, including improving customer satisfaction.

Automated check-in kiosks are available in many different styles and features. For example, many hotel kiosks feature customizable interfaces and backgrounds. With these systems, you can add your own logo and brand colors. They can even work with your property management system. And because they’re so compact, hotel staff can place them in areas where they’re most convenient for customers.

Another benefit of automated check-in kiosks is the ability to collect valuable guest data. Since the kiosks are linked to your hotel’s PMS, hotel staff can access that data easily and quickly. In addition, this data can be used to customize promotional emails and customer requests.

Cost-Saving Measure

Hotel check-in kiosks can help hotels reduce labor costs and guest wait times. They also relieve the pressure on front desk staff by handling routine tasks. The hotel staff can then focus on more essential duties. Self-service kiosks can also help improve the guest experience. But how can you decide which kind of kiosk to use?

Hotel check-in kiosks work with PMS systems to save hotel staff time and improve efficiency. They can also store and retrieve guest preferences. This helps build a personalized service platform for repeat customers. The kiosk also eliminates duplicate profiles by providing accurate information. In addition, the booth can send text messages to hotel guests to notify them that their room is available.

Besides saving staff time, hotel check-in kiosks help hotels improve guest satisfaction. The free staff to focus on more valuable tasks like personal attention and interaction. A self-service kiosk can also boost the hotel’s sales. In fact, recent surveys reveal that nearly a third of guests would use their mobile to check in at a hotel kiosk rather than wait in a long line. This technology is expected to become the standard in the hospitality industry over the next several years.

Improved Guest Experience

Using an automated hotel check-in kiosk is a great way to reduce the time it takes to check in a guest. Instead of a long queue at the front desk, guests can simply type in their personal information, and the kiosk will send it to the hotel’s PMS. Guests can view their room information and make changes as they see fit without having to deal with a receptionist.

The technology offers a broad range of benefits to hotels. First, a frictionless check-in process means a greater sense of convenience. It eliminates the long lines and frustrating processes that plague airport check-in desks. NEC’s Smart Check-In for Hospitality solution offers a user-friendly interface that walks guests through the pre-registration and check-in/out. The application also allows guests to add payment and additional hotel services without leaving the kiosk. Additionally, guests can even print a room key.

Changing guest preferences has prompted hotels to add contactless check-in capabilities. While the front desk is still the best place to provide personalized service to travelers, the new methods are designed to make check-in easier. In addition, with an increasing number of people looking to engage with companies on their own terms, allowing guests to check in using their mobile devices is a significant game changer for the hospitality industry. According to a recent survey, 76% of passengers consider their mobile device the most essential travel accessory. By allowing guests to check in using their mobile devices, hotels can take advantage of this trend and deliver the kind of guest experience that customers want.

Increased Upsell Opportunities

One advantage of implementing a self-service check-in kiosk is increased upsell opportunities for hotel guests. Hotel check-in kiosks can increase booking revenue by offering customers additional services and products. But making the sale can be challenging. For example, a hotel check-in kiosk can be mandatory or optional and provide guests with relevant information, such as hotel amenities and promotions.

A self-service kiosk provides a captive audience to market hotel amenities, room upgrades, and special offers. It also enables hotels to collect customer information for marketing purposes and to encourage repeat visits. By generating an email list of customers, hotels can offer exclusive discounts and incentives to repeat customers.

Another advantage of a hotel check-in kiosk is that guests can book directly through it rather than wait in long lines at the reception desk. Because the self-service kiosk is connected to the hotel’s property management system, hotel staff can easily manage room rates and inventory. In addition, the system can automatically relist any canceled rooms and update room rates across multiple channels. Ultimately, hotel check-in kiosks can increase revenue and reduce customer service costs.

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