How Microsoft Cloud Solutions Boost Data Security

Cloud computing can provide adequate security to your data at any given time. However, potential hackers are always looking to see how they could compromise your data and even steal. Here are a few tips on leveraging Microsoft Cloud Solutions to ensure no data security breach.

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What Causes Breach on Data Security?

Cloud services store data online, which increases the probability of attacks. This scenario is possible when the data owner fails to put deliberate security measures that boost safety and confidentiality. The use of appropriate services such as Microsoft cloud is one way of keeping your data safe.

How Microsoft Cloud Solutions Safeguard Data Security

In-Built Security Intelligence Tool

The security feature is in-built in the Microsoft cloud. The developers monitor it 24/7 throughout the year. They spend their time watching the system to detect any threat.

Microsoft’s cloud can analyze all the information it collects daily and inform all the customers about its platform. Each of them can then put up their upscale their respective security measures to tighten the protection.

Using Machine Learning to Detect Identity Theft

Microsoft’s cloud’s in-built machine learning feature can analyze and detect people’s habits every time they log into the system. It can tell when a person has logged in using stolen credentials. As a response to this threat, Microsoft has created other tools that compel users to verify their fingerprints or faces before accessing the system.

Empowering Cloud Providers to Control the System

Microsoft has improved the system in such a manner that allows data encryption. The encryption feature ensures that only the owner of any data can access their information. Even employees of the customer company cannot access their customer’s data. Only authorized people can have access to it.

Microsoft Has a Strict Security Policy

Every Microsoft product comes with integrated security features. As a matter of policy, Microsoft works with other industry players to share intelligence on security. It makes sure that the products are resistant to all manner of threats.

Monitoring and Evaluating All Cloud Services

Microsoft’s Security Center checks all the key features in the system and gives them a score according to their security-related performance. This score is useful in that it gives recommendations that can improve performance at all levels. It also keeps all the stakeholders aware of the security threats or lack thereof to take the relevant steps.

Conducting Progressive Research on Cybersecurity

Microsoft believes in innovative leadership, and as such, it has funded numerous research centers. The sole aim of all those research centers is to develop technology measures that the company can use to curb security threats. The Microsoft Cloud is a direct beneficiary of these innovative research efforts.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions have an elaborate security mechanism that makes them safe to host your valued data. If you are in charge of a company or government agency, you may want to switch from the old infrastructure and embrace cloud technology.

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