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How to Choose Piano Moving Services

If you are moving a piano, it is in your best interest to choose the right company to transport and move your instrument. When choosing a piano moving company for you, there are many aspects to consider. By considering the most critical factors, you can make a responsible decision that is best for your piano.

How to Choose Piano Moving Services

The Cost of Piano Moving Services and What They Include

Piano moving companies charge for their services based on the size and weight of your instrument and its destination. Generally, the more time it takes to transfer your piano, the higher the rate per hour. You will have to confirm with the company whether they charge by the hour or estimate a flat fee before they start moving your piano.

Piano Movers Los Angeles has the equipment to handle grand pianos. However, they may recommend you to use a dolly or hand truck; if you prefer to do so, you should request it as early as possible. It would help if you also asked whether they will carry insurance in case of damage or loss of your instrument during travel.

Moving Time

It is best to know whether the company will schedule a convenient time for you or they will move your piano anytime. If you need your piano moved on a specific date and time, it is best to choose a company that has availability on that date or can be scheduled in advance. Some companies may move your instrument on weekends and late night without additional costs. It can help to have it hauled on these times, but if you have any specific requirements, make sure the company can accommodate them. Some piano moving companies have a large fleet of vehicles that accommodate pianos of various sizes and weights.

Piano Moving Services by Hand or by Equipment

Most piano moving companies will move your piano by hand. However, you should ask if they have a forklift available to move your piano without any damage. A forklift can transport a piano with ease and safety while lowering the chance of damage. If they have a forklift, it may be better to use it rather than moving it by hand. You can also ask whether they are experts in moving pianos with the forklift or if they work with a piano technician or your local piano shop.

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