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How to control your TV with Chromecast

Precisely what isn’t to adore about Google’s Chromecast? It’s a very affordable device that permits you stream online video, music and game content on to your dumb TELEVISION SET.

But there are most likely some things Google’s loading device can do that you can not know in relation to, like the chance to turn your TELEVISION SET on.

Here’s how to push the button.

Find out if your TV supports CEC

Chromecast works by using a feature called CEC or Gadgets Control. In brief, if you make it possible for this feature on the TV, it enables you to control the tv set through various HDMI devices.


For instance, your Xbox, PlayStation or BluRay gamer can toggle the electricity of your tv set, and in the truth of Chromecast, it could power the TELLY on and swap input sources.

Sad to say, for now, Chromecast can only power the tv on, but not power off.

Chromecast guest mode on Android

Also, CEC isn’t always often called the same matter, so if you do not see it inside your television’s settings, look for one of many recognized trade names:

  • AOC: E-link
  • Hitachi: HDMI-CEC
  • ITT: T-Link
  • LG: SimpLink
  • Loewe: Digital Link or Digital Link Plus
  • Mitsubishi: NetCommand for HDMI
  • Onkyo: RIHD
  • Panasonic: HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync or VIERA Link
  • Philips: EasyLink
  • Pioneer: Kuro Link
  • Runic International: RuncoLink
  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • Sharp: Aquos Link
  • Sony BRAVIA Sync or BRAVIA Link
  • Toshiba: CE-Link

How to control your TV with Chromecast

HDMI-CEC is supported by most modern HD televisions. However, older models might not come equipped with the feature. If you discover any mention regarding CEC or the above mentioned trade names inside your television’s settings, setup is often a breeze.

Here’s just how: Open the settings menu with your television and discover the CEC alternative. Enable the location and plug Chromecast straight into an open HDMI dock. Now, with the TV off, select something to stream through your phone and pick your Chromecast. Your television need to power on in addition to automatically switch on the Chromecast’s input resource.

What may vary is the fact that Chromecast needs to be powered. Most televisions have no less than one USB port for the back, but they often cycle power with the television itself. Some USB ports don’t remain powered in the event the television is off of. You can take a look by looking for the status light for the Chromecast when the television is off. In the event the status light is not on, you will need to use an AIR CONDITIONING adapter and outside the body power the Chromecast to keep it powered independently of the TV.

By default, HDMI-CEC is enabled for the Chromecast, so so when you want for you to stream something with your television, you don’t have to reach for your remote first.

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