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How To Monitor On Your Cousin Using Her iPhone!

Cousins are those close friends who come in blood relations and their bond of love, friendship and togetherness is immensely strong. They tend to help each other in numerous ways as they share their dark, bizarre and mysterious secrets amongst them, indeed they’re one of the best friends of yours! And especially if it is a younger one, then you automatically uphold the duty of a bodyguard. You care for them like your own little ones.


How would you know with whom your cousin sister or brother is involved with and always glued through their phones, with whom they stay in nexus over text messages? What sort of websites they surf or what kind of multimedia file they carry on their phones? Do they have any boyfriend/girlfriend at such a young age? Do they roam around with them without anyone’s concern? Phew! There are endless questions which eat up your brain like white termite. Isn’t?

Just Relax And Keep On Scrolling To Know The Potent Monitoring Ways! 

If you have one of such little cousins and you feel over-protective for him/her especially for where they go for an outing or even in school/college. You are vigilant in shielding your little kinsfolk. Suppose you will get an outright responsibility to guide, escort, and monitor your younger relatives, and then what will you do?

A better and innovative way to monitor a teenaged brother/sister is to spying them by over viewing their phones. But how? It isn’t possible to touch anyone’s cell phone. No matter how close relations you share with them. Therefore, you can go for a cell-phone spying software. Search online and you will find Imobispy, on top of all the other mobile spywares.

How Will You Manage To Monitor Them Effectively?

Imobispy is proven as the safest and the most authentic spy app you could ever have! It works completely on an incog mode. Henceforth, it will not give your second siblings any hint when you watchdog their mobile phones. It is compatible with all the available mobile Operating System. Downloading and installing the cell phone spy software manually in your target’s phone is all you are compelled to do!

Meanwhile you will receive a username and password in a registration mail, upon the successful installation of the spy app. With this you will be able to alarm yourself by looking at the spylog provided to you in your assigned repository account. Imobispy aspects will allow you to keep a close tab of your little kinsfolk as it will compile you the complete information viz. their calls list, calls detail, phonebook details plus additional tagged data with it.

Add On Features!

Not only this but it is also corroborated with the amazing aspects to overview the target user’s GPS Location, detailed conversation of the IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and BBM etc. will show up the read, unread and deleted SMS’s and Emails, the complete specification of the browsed URLs, etc. The app will allow you to bag all this data with its date and time marks.

How To Do It: A Complete Guide

For spying on an iPhone you would essentially require to jailbreak it. A genuine Apple ID of the subject’s iPhone is all you need to kick start. You can remotely access the marked cell phone activity. The spyware assists you to setup your online account once it gets downloaded and installed. Now you have a comprehensive control panel which will enable you to trace each and every step of your little cousin’s footsteps.

So, there is no point of waiting and giving a thought on it! Your priority is to shield your younger family members by not letting them go on the wrongous path. Thus, Get started with Imobispy !


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