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How to remove and disable your Google location history


Remove and disable your Google location history

I actually had location history enabled for Google Maps and don’t realize it. I found it interesting to check out which spots Google logged for myself during the last week or month, but I don’t plan on disabling the service. It’s actually nice to know, however, that we can delete portions of our location history or all of it, as well as disable all the feature from monitoring me in the future.

To check whether you have got location history enabled, head to the Google Maps Location history page. Click on the gear-icon button to find History settings. Here, you’ll be able to choose the disable or enable the service.

Disabling location history, however, doesn’t remove previous history. If you’d like to remove the locations Google already has saved regarding the past thirty days, head back to the Location history page. The default schedule shows location history for the current day, so you may not see any plots on the map.

Utilize the pull-down menu below the calendar on the left to indicate your history as much as thirty days. If you choose a time period in which Google has tracked your location, you’ll see the points where you’ve been on the map. And below the calendar, you will see tools to delete your history from the time period you have got chosen as well as to remove all history.

You may also remove a particular location from your own history. Check out one of the red points on the map, then within the pop-up window click “Delete from history.”

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For iOS users who need to disable Google by using location services, follow this path: Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and turn the slider switch off for Google Maps. For Android users seeking to prevent Google from using location service on their mobile device, this Google Support page has guidelines.

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