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How To Start a Coworking Space

An increasing number of people work from home, which has been shown to boost employee productivity and overall job satisfaction. However, sometimes, you need to step away from the home office and have a change of scenery. For many, this means finding a coworking space that you can rent by the week, day, or even hour. If your area doesn’t already have a space like this, creating one can be quite lucrative.

How To Start a Coworking Space

Find the Right Location

Start your search for retail and office space for lease Bala Cynwyd PA. The right space will be centrally located and include a couple of private office areas as well as a larger space where you can create space with long tables or separated cubicles for people to work in “groups.” Think about whether you’ll want a breakroom area and ensure there is a restroom available as well.

Decide on Amenities

It isn’t enough to toss a few tables and chairs into the space you lease. If people are going to spend money to work in your building, they’ll want amenities. Stock the bathrooms with high-quality products to start with. Next, move on to the break area. At a minimum, provide a coffee pot with high-quality ingredients. If possible, include a refrigerator stocked with soda, water, and snacks. You might even consider a small stove for those who spend a lot of time working in your office. Finally, furnish the office with ergonomic chairs, high-end internet, and beautiful desks or tables.

Advertise Your Space

Create a quality website and social media profiles to help you advertise your coworking space. Consider creating a business card and even putting up flyers near transportation hubs in your area. Be active on social media, use word of mouth, and consider offering discounts to customers at first to help get the word out.

Remember, setting up and advertising a coworking space takes time and effort, so don’t expect to make money overnight. However, with dedication and a true passion for creating a space you’d personally love to work in, you are likely to build something people will love.

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