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How To Start a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Do you have a mechanical aptitude and love motorcycles? Think of opening a repair shop. People love riding bikes on the open road, but just like cars, they break down. You can be the hero who saves the day with your skills and know-how. Here’s how to get started.

How To Start a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Develop a Business Plan

Before you can get the financing you’ll likely need, you’ll have to prepare a detailed business plan. List all the equipment your shop requires, including the hoists and cranes needed to lift those heavy bikes. Because that equipment will break down from time to time, have a list of needed repair companies such as crane repairs Savannah.

Get Approved for a Loan

Your next step will be securing a loan. You need a good credit rating and must be able to prove that your business has the potential to be a success. You’ll also need to have some money in savings, as most banks won’t be willing to loan you the entire amount you need.

If you’re unable to get financing from your local bank, contact the Small Business Administration. They provide loans to start-up businesses like yours if your business plan is well written. If you can’t get financing from them, you could see if you can get a loan from friends or relatives.

Find a Building

If you’re approved for a loan, the next step will be looking for the right building for your repair shop. If you plan on buying a building, find a good real estate agent by asking for referrals from others and also reading online reviews. Be sure and see several properties before making a bid. You need a location that will be easy for your potential customers to reach. There should be plenty of parking outside and easy access to the building. The building itself should be large enough for potential expansion, should you need it.

The same goes for a building you plan on renting. Study the lease agreement carefully to make sure there are no hidden costs.

Advertise Your Business

Have a website made and print up business cards. Advertise with online services such as Google and Yelp. Also, join some local Facebook groups to get the word out about your repair business.

Then do the best work you can so that you develop a good reputation in your community. Your business will grow in no time providing you with a good living.

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