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How to take a screenshot on your Android phone

Not so long ago, in order for taking a screenshot while on an Android phone, you possessed to install the Android developer instruments. These days, you possibly can take screenshots in phones running Operating system 4.0 or later with all the press of several buttons.


How to take a screenshot on your Android phone

On most Android phones, you possibly can take a screenshot through holding down the Sleep/wake button as well as the volume-down button at the same time. Hold these switches down until ones screen flashes.

The task differs on several phone models, although. For example, on Samsung’s Universe phones—and select mobile phones from other manufacturers that include a home button—hold down the facility button and the house button until the screen flashes, because pictured above. Should your Android phone has a home button, of course, if the standard Operating system method doesn’t operate, then try this power-home button blend.

To view ones screenshot, go towards Gallery app, then look for the “Screenshot” record. Tap it to be able to open it, then tap the screenshot you took to watch that screenshot. Press the Share button—represented by way of a sideways V condition that connects three dots—to get at sharing options, like messaging and mail.

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