How to Take Advantage of the Flexible Office Spaces for Rent in Denver

The traditional office rental market is undergoing a true transformation driven by the circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic. This is a new scenario that represents an opportunity to accelerate a new rental office model. This is especially true in the case of flexible office space for rent Denver located.

Flexible Office Spaces

Regarding the latter, a total of 80% of companies have implemented some telework or telecommuting format in recent months and have promoted these flexible employment alternatives for large corporations. The idea is not to give up the generation of synergies and social interactions that occur in work environments but to understand the new requirements of employees.

Series of Advantages

The rental of flexible spaces undoubtedly presents a series of advantages with a special attraction for the current situation of instability. Social distance, standardized hygiene measures, the ability to rearrange spaces, or the use of common areas to reduce density are just some examples that add to those already presented by the model previously (such as security or the reduction of fixed costs). For employees, it means a clear reduction in their daily commutes and a greater ability to combine work at home or flexible office space with face-to-face meetings.

The Role of New Technologies in the New Scenario

New technologies are undoubtedly one of the main allies in the new model for renting offices. The use of digital applications and tools allows the office to be moved as an exclusively physical space to become an omnichannel process. For the owners, it is an opportunity to know the level of occupation of spaces, the peak hours in elevators and entry and exit doors for personnel, the influx of customers, as well as to know the level of disinfection and hygiene of the sites.

In the case of users, the firm commitment to digitization and automation will allow the reduction of physical contact (through contactless technology), the management of spaces, and the reservation of meeting rooms, offices, etc. It is also possible to know the occupancy level or manage the reservation of parking spaces and other areas.

The New Model

Colorado Springs and Denver are undoubtedly the capitals in which the rental of flexible spaces has exploded the most. The dynamism of both cities has allowed the new model to be implemented more quickly, fostering collaboration spaces between the headquarters of many companies and the new flexible spaces. The trend in large capitals seems unstoppable. Even after the pandemic has ended, many companies may think of keeping this going. Maybe, it is time for you to jump on board and enjoy the success that other companies are having.

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