Importance of Call Tracking Software for Your Business

The chances are your business is losing income through missing calls from potential customers and clients.

Many people, around 70% in fact, would rather hang up than leave a message on a voice mail system, and the chances are that if they do not speak to a person in your business and they speak to a person working for a competitor, you have lost a potential sale from that customer or client.


The solution to the problem is to use call tracking software which can record phone numbers from callers, allowing you and your team to call the client or customer and speak to them in person.

Many businesses that use call tracking software have seen a significant rise in their profits.

The benefits of call tracking:

  • Allows access to customers and clients so potential sales leads to be followed.
  • Missed opportunities are significantly reduced.
  • Provides data analysis through identifying which calls led to a sale
  • Easy to access voice mail.
  • All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded.

The better call tracking software provides the following benefits:

  1. Instant contact when a call is missed. Time is very important and the sooner a missed call is followed the better the chances of a sale. You will be able to record the phone numbers of missed calls enabling your potential customer or client to be called back within minutes, subsequently maximising your sales.
  2. The software records when the customer or client has been contacted and deletes the number, so time is not wasted and customers are not annoyed by repeated phone calls
  3. Allows the productivity of staff to be monitored
  4. Keyword tracking that shows which keywords convert to a sale, and which ones do not. This provides the information you need as to where the budget should be allocated. You will be able to plan and implement a far more effective marketing strategy, and cut costs through not wasting marketing budgets on ineffective keywords.

Call tracking software also greatly assists lead generation and management, and as conversations are recorded, you can determine what training your staff needs and gauge just how professional your service is from a customer perspective.

Call tracking is important for any type of business, but is especially important for retail outlets, especially given that a phone call is probably from a person with a credit card in their hand. If nobody speaks to them then your competitors are extremely grateful. is a pioneer in the call tracking and conversion attribution tracking industry. Their call tracking software includes performance management of staff, call recording and analysis, sales lead management, keyword tracking, and prospecting.

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