Integral Elements of Integrative Medicine

Over the past decade, there has been the surging popularity of integrative medicine. This medical approach focuses on a holistic, personalized, and collaborative method. It also provides an excellent foundation for your general health, addressing nutrition and immunity issues. However, integrative medicine is a blend of various elements. These elements include the following.

Integral Elements of Integrative Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine is a medical approach that focuses on your psychological wellbeing. It entails multiple practices, including yoga, breathing techniques, massage, and meditation. Some people might also consider tai chi, spinal manipulation, and relaxation. Here, the goal is to enhance your mind’s interaction with various body systems.

This medical approach is an excellent intervention strategy that promotes mental health through enhanced relaxation, hypnosis, visual imagery, spirituality, and autogenic training. Most experts use multiple techniques at the same time to actualize mind-body medicine. The methods used will depend on your medical condition.

Alternative Medical Systems

Alternative medical systems are therapies that most people regard as unorthodox, including crystal healing, herbalism, and naturopathy. While alternative medicine is not orthodox, it assures you of enhanced efficacy. Various medical approaches suffice under this category. For instance, you could choose Ayurveda, Chinese, or acupuncture, depending on your medical needs.

Alternative medicine stimulates the body to heal itself. It does this in three ways: aligning energies, herbal supplementation, and mind-body balancing. As such, it does not necessarily focus on the symptoms.

Biologically Based Therapies

Biologically based therapies are medical approaches that rely on various substances provided by nature. Most of these substances are dietary supplements, including herbs and food. Often, this approach is an excellent choice whenever you want to deal with tumors, chronic pain, and hypothyroid treatment.

There are four biologically based therapies: botanical medicine, diet therapy, chelation therapy, and natural products. Botanical medicine relies on various plants that can treat or prevent specific issues. On the other hand, diet therapy focuses on your nutrition. Balanced nutrition will often help prevent diseases and improve immunity.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapy is an integral element of integrative medicine, which focuses on balancing your body’s energies and the energy flow. Its goal is to help improve your mental and emotional health, including reducing anxiety and stress.

There are various energy therapies an expert could consider. Some of the top options include reiki, polarity therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, acupressure, and healing touch.  This expert will help align all the energies in the body, ensuring that you are calm and relaxed.

Manipulative and Body-Based Therapies

This therapy involves various therapies that require moving or manipulating your body. This approach is excellent when treating chronic pain and emotional or mental issues. That means you could rely on it for addressing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Various body-based therapies are at your disposal. For example, you could consider a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and physical therapy. The choice depends on the condition you suffer.

In conclusion, integrative medicine is a non-invasive approach that assures you of incredible health benefits. Yet, it is a perfect blend of the five domains mentioned above. Understanding what each of these elements brings to the table will help make better decisions in the long run.

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