Klone-Get Notifications On Your iOS Device

In this highly competitive world, a lot of Smartphone devices come into existence in the marketplace. It is all because of a number of operating systems like, Android, iOS and many others. Many of the people prefer to buy Android devices, while others buy iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. If you are making use of an Android based mobile phone, and also have an iOS based Smartphone device that you use alternately. Sometimes, when you do not have your Android Smartphone device with you and you are having an iPad or iPhone device with you and you have missed a message or call on your Android mobile device, then what you do in these situations.

In order to stay away from these situations, there is an app available for you, known as Klone. You can install this app on your device and it displays all your notifications on your iOS based device. This app needs both the iOS (Klone) and Android (Droid Sync) app in order to work. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.  Droid Sync will forward notifications coming on your Android based device to your iOS device in the form of push notifications. Features of Klone app are mentioned below:

Klone-Get Notifications On Your iOS Device

Freedom to select either device

With this unique app, you can keep your mobile charging in another place or room or in your purse or bag and do not need to be concerned about missing out on messages or calls when you are involved with your iPad or iPhone device.

Acquire essential notifications

With this app, you have given a chance to select from a list of apps in order to decide on what notifications acquire mirrored to your iOS based Smartphone device.

Answer later if you want

Several persons play a more important role in your life than others. The same is true for notifications. Several notifications are more essential as compared to others. With this app option, you can determine whether you must require responding to that notification or neglect it for right now.

You can remain your notification, secure with this app as all the notifications are deleted in an instant manner, once they are transferred to Apple push servers. All logs are as well filter of content for any of your notification. So, get started with this to take all the possible benefits of it in an easy and quick manner. For more info, visit the official website of the company.

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