KMashi multiple utility device at Gearbest

With the advancement of technology, the demands of the people have also increased. No one is happy with single service in a product looking for multiple utilities under same device. However, the features of the device make a lot of difference. However, in, you can find a device from KMashi that can work as Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank Charger and Mic Stand. This is one of the best products available in the market for multiple utilities.


The device can be used anywhere you want for any purpose. However, the maximization of the device can be used during travelling. You can just put the Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker to listen to your favorite scores. The Power Bank will also ensure that you never run out of battery. It can also be used at home as the range of the device is almost 10 meters. The latest Wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes your life easier to control the device as well. The 2600 mAh power bank gives it an added advantage. The Mic stand serves your visual purpose and the built in microphone allow you to take care of the hands free calling. The compact size device has also support features for the TF card along with Bluetooth. The smooth touch and easy to use design of the device make it one of the best buy.

This device can support the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. This is one of the best iPhone Loudspeakers you can buy. However, it also supports the other smart phone devices like Samsung, Sony, HTC and others. The indicator light also makes it easy to use and control the device. The portable and affordable design of the product is also added advantage for the KMashi device. So, if you are looking for any multiple utility device, then bring the device home for durability and effectiveness.

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