Leveraging SMS APIs for business

If you are having in-depth knowledge about the term Leverage then you are probably already aware of its importance in a business. Leveraging basically refers to the acceptance of any technique for the purpose of multiplying gains as well as losses. With chansms-apis-for-businessging times, a lot has changed in the way we manage as well as take businesses to the next level. One such very crucial step in giving your business that much needed upward nudge is putting SMS API to use. If you are having no idea about the importance of SMS API for your business, then you must know that SMS API provides ample power and reach to your mobile application as well as web- based business platform with the help of smart SMS messaging.


We have all seen the power of SMSs for around a decade now with its capability to convey even the most relevant message in the shortest form possible that too within fractions of a minute. With the help of inclusion of the SMS API system in your business idea, you can send, receive, and track as well as process text messages all around the world without the need of leaving your chair!! Not only this, you can be in any part of the world and yet be able to send and receive messages through the use of SMS API in your business format. Another impactful advantage of putting SMS API to use in your business is that you can specify the rules for execution of the messages as per your wishes and business needs.

Few advantages of making use of SMS API in your business:

Ability to reach any mobile across the globe

Yes, there are SMS regulations that can be deployed for making sure that the messages sent by you reaches its destination irrespective of the geographical location.

High- priority messages

Making use of SMS API guarantees that all the messages sent by you reach the target at the fastest speed possible.

Real- time notifications regarding status of SMS

There are live delivery reports for keeping a track of the messages sent by you.

Toll- free SMS service

You can also send messages through toll- free numbers with the help of SMS API. These toll- free numbers can be rented as well.

Bi- directional SMS API

With the help of the Apico XML, you can also generate automated responses and send SMSs as well.

SMS concatenation

This provides you with the power to send as well as receive lengthy messages of up to 1530 characters in multiple parts but in the right order in a seamless manner.

Unicode characters

Using this feature of SMS API, you can send as well as receive messages in symbol scripts as well as more than 100 different languages.

Below is a list of SMS APIs that you can use for enhancing your business performance:

  1. ClickSend
  2. BurstSMS US
  3. SendHub
  4. Plivo
  5. MessageBird
  6. Sently

Select any from this list of SMS APIs and send and receive SMSs to increase usability.

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