Are you new to Outlook? How to make Outlook more like Gmail

More than 1.5 million people use Google’s Gmail platform. It can be difficult to switch between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook if your job requires you to use it.

Although email basics such as compose, delete, and send are nearly identical across all services, it can be difficult to get used to a new platform. The changes must be made from Outlook’s browser, not the app. Here are some ways to customize Microsoft’s Outlook platform to look more like Google.


Outlook’s reading window

The basic setup of Microsoft Outlook splits your screen into three columns. These are the Inbox folders, Sent, Junk Mail, and Inbox themselves. And the reading pane. You can read selected messages without leaving your Inbox. It will allow for faster scrolling and less clicking if you have a lot of messages.

Settings Scroll down in Outlook Reading Pane. Gmail users who use it often will be more familiar with a layout without a reading pane. You can turn off the feature or move the Reading Pane. You can then move the window to your right, bottom or hide it completely.

Focused Inbox can be used by turning on message sorting

Outlook offers a variety of options to sort your messages in the same way that Gmail does. You can toggle on Focused Inbox to sort your messages into Focused or Other tabs. Your most important messages, including emails from contacts and anything you have pinned to your inbox top, will be focused on. All other information, such as offers and newsletters, will go under Other. Open this link to find out more.SettingsToggle Focused InboxOn or off.

Allow conversation view to thread emails

Gmail’s grouping function — which you probably either love or loathe — allows emails on the same topic to stay in one place, such as a thread. This helps prevent miscommunications. Outlook has a conversation view. Outlook allows you to customize the order in which new messages appear at the start or end of a thread. Gmail does not offer this feature. This can be changed by going to open Settings > Mail > Layout Select your preferences below message Organization.

Outlook shortcuts

Open Settings > General > Accessibility You can choose which keyboard shortcuts are most important to you or disable them all. This one is probably the easiest. Outlook still supports keyboard shortcuts if you are a fan.

Shortcuts to other apps and calendars

Gmail’s side panel houses Calendar, Keep and Tasks. It is my favourite part of Gmail. These helpful features were easy for to find me to stay organized. Outlook offers similar features, and you have to know where to find them. Outlook has a few icons right above the search bar. These include your Outlook calendar and any events that you may still need to respond to, Activity, which can be personalized to notify you about email and document mentions, and the One Note Feed, which functions like Google Keep.

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