Make Your Honeymoon Trip Memorable for Happily Married Life

Honeymoon is the dream of every newly married couple. The first honeymoon is always expected with great expectation, couples are very concerned to use a good travel agency and make a good script to ensure the honeymoon trip an unforgettable experience. However, for this memorable & enjoyable experience, and to avoid any kind of stress, we recommend planning your honeymoon based on the following tips.


Planning Tips for Honeymoon

Don’t Skimp on Honeymoon

Do not economize on honeymoon, instead find a more affordable destination and spend more on comfort.

Learn More About Destination

Often when we go to buy a product, first we search for its information and then buy it. Same way, travel options are diverse. So, it is better to search more about the chosen destination, tourist spots, its videos, images, etc and then purchase a travel package.

Be Original

Don’t get influenced by others honeymoon. Often, many say their honeymoon as perfect trip to not look bad on tape. Be original! Choose the location that you both want to go for. Certainly you should ask for opinions, but the destination by your own.


Make sure the package you choose includes travel insurance. If it doesn’t, then find out an insurance company that can insured you during your honeymoon period. See what kinds of losses are covered under the insurance policy.


Never economize on the value of the hotel. This is the place where bride and groom have a chance to come face to face. Here the couple can either go for a cottage or smaller inns with simplicity and cozy decoration.

Announcing it is Honeymoon

Ensure the hotel you choose is aware of is aware that you are on honeymoon. This is the most important point. Prefer hotels that offer honeymoon package, as such hotels decorate the room in the most romantic ways with lots of gifts and surprises.

Important Things You Should Carry for Honeymoon

Important Documents

Give special attention when packing your honeymoon bag. Make sure to include the necessary documents like Air Tickets, Identity Document (ID), Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, Bank Cards and, if abroad, Passport and Visa.

Sexy Lingerie

Remember that the honeymoon is for both. So, it is very important to know the tastes of your partner as you plan everything. To make the moments pleasurable, don’t forget to buy sexy lingerie, silk panties, nightdresses, pajamas, condoms, erotic creams and what else your imagination desires, so that both can enjoy the honeymoon.

Winter Outfits

If the destination you’ve chosen is cold, make sure to include the necessary winter outfits like warmers, cinched puffer coat, fur jackets, leather jackets, etc. Additionally, include outfits for various celebrations and dinner.


Do you want your mate to think that he is snuggling a porcupine? Then, make sure to include a shaver in your essential items to take on your honeymoon. Keep your legs smooth and hairless.

Pharmacy Kit

Don’t forget to get your pharmacy kit on your honeymoon. Make sure it includes painkillers, stomach antacid remedies for motion sickness, band-aid, gauze, tape, repellent, daily use drugs, and wear contact lenses.


Taking pictures is a must when you are on honeymoon. Make sure you have plenty of room on the memory card to capture each and every moment.

Relax and enjoy your honeymoon, focus on each other and enjoy the time of your life.

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