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Microsoft launch low cost Windows tablets in India

Low cost Windows tablets

So as to offer stiff competition towards the popularity of Android based tablets, Now, Microsoft launch low cost Windows tablets particularly for your price sensitive American indian market. Microsoft would possibly tie-up with the existing computer companions HP and Dell together with small players just like Karbonn and Lava to manufacture the capsules. These Windows based tablets are likely to be priced as reduced as Rs 10,000 and you will be available by mid-year.

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In India, the tablet market is now ruled by Google’s Android based tablets which might be inexpensive and sensible. Whereas in developed nations much like the US, Microsoft’s Surface capsules face stiff competitors from Android tablets that they believe are very costly for India which is a price sensitive market place. Having said, this recent go by Microsoft carries a huge potential especially regarding revenue.

It is also being contemplated of which Microsoft will minimize its licensing fee radically since they will cost lower than $250. As for each the reports, Ms will now simply charge $15 regarding Windows 8.1 licensing payment, which is some sort of discount of 70% in each unit. With the availability of Windows using a tablet which is so very synonymous together with powerful and perceptive user experience, the Indian consumers could check it out for especially when it can be offered at some sort of budget price of Rs.10000 plus a reduced licensing payment.

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Now the large question –Will these tablets be brand-new or will exactly the same Surface tablets be sold at lowered price? Would Microsoft be able to capture tablet market share with these latest products?

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