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Mobikin Assistant For IOS: Transfer Contact from iPhone to PC

As you all know that data losing or sorting happens everywhere in the world. Not only this whenever you want to share some movie music or pictures with your friends you need to take backups for them on iTunes then connect your PC and transfer backups on PC and then share but to make your this process simple there is a program called MobiKin Assistant For iOS, which will help you to take easy backups on your windows PC.mobikin


Easy Copy For Tons Of Files On Your Windows PC From Your iDevices

In case of loss of your files on your iDevice then you might use Mobikin Assistant for your iDevice which will help you to get back the files on your windows PC using a USB drive. Transfer 10+ types of files from your IOS device to your windows computer in few simple clicks. You can Transfer contacts from iPhone to PC, text messages from iPhone to computer, photos from iPhone to computer. Manage or control the transferred files on your computer from your IOS device without any worries or limitation: you can delete / remove / add any file on your computer as you want to.



Different Ways to View Files Before Backup

Everyone loves to take backups of their IOS device in case they will lose their data or if their phone will be lost. But it will take a lot of time to their backups as they will not be able to select their required files plus they will be needed to check all their picture and videos before their recovery procedure. Whether they want to keep all of them or not, But to prevent from all these kind of things there is a program called mobikin assistant which can resolve all these kind of problems. You can choose the required files (i mean the files which are important to you to recover not the other because then it will take a lot of time to take backups. Thumbnail view: You can view your images and videos in thumbnail view which will help you to select the files in a fast and easy way by watching their graphics. List view: In list view you will be able to see all the details of the files you select.



Works Like A Charm On All IOS Based Devices

From the name we can say that this program is not based on single IOS device, it support mostly all iDevices, iPod | iPad | iPhone.

  • iPhone : 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5S / 5C / 4 / 4S / 3 / 3GS
  • iPad : iPad Mini / New iPad / iPad Air / iPad 4 / iPad 2 / iPad 1
  • iPod : iPod Touch / iPod Mini / iPod Classic / iPod Nano / iPod Shuffle

Quick Filter and Search

It’s oblivious that you might have save millions of files on your iPhone | iPad | iPod and you want to backup some or just one file. How will locate that in seconds, for that there is a very good assistant named as mobikin assistant for IOS which helps you to find your files in just seconds. You are able to search music on assistant by typing artist’s name | songs name or so forth. You are also enabling to search the files on assistant just by typing their first word or a single letter.

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