Oklahoma Lifeline Phone Program

If you are thinking of the lifeline phone program Oklahoma has to offer, you might want to look into the Oklahoma Lifeline service. This is a government assisted wireless service that gives discounted cell phone services to certain low-income individuals and families. These discounts are offered to Oklahoma customers who are qualified and meet certain eligibility requirements. They need to have a household income that is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level, and a lot of the time, they will need to be on government assistance as well in order to qualify.

lifeline phone program

Potential customers are able to check how eligible they are for the program and fill out an online application, and they can also look out for information about any offers and discounts that are available. There are many flexible prepaid plans that are offered in order to fit the needs of certain customers. No matter how much you actually need to talk on the phone, there is a plan for anyone who qualifies for this assistance. You have the option to change your plan every month if you would like to do so, and you can add minutes anytime you want at your own convenience. You can contact the people who run the program or look up information online if you want more details on what you are able to do with this program.

The lifeline program is known as the FCC Universal Service Program for Low-Income Consumers. Telephone companies that conduct business across state lines are required by federal law to offer discount telephone installation, as well as service fees, for people of low income. These programs can reduce monthly telephone charges for these low-income people, while Link Up America will reduce installation charges. These programs vary from state to state. In Oklahoma, the lifeline program is able to provide a monthly discount of $7.85 for local telephone service. Customers will usually have to pay between $7 and $11 every month for basic service, depending on exactly where they are living.

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