PhuketFit Teams Together To Help You Lose Weight

PhuketFit is a wellness resort in Phuket, Thailand. The team of trained professionals at PhuketFit have specialized skills, specific talents, lots of passion in the work that they do, and steely determination in ensuring that the clients get a kick-start to a new and better healthy lifestyle.


Our mission is to craft a healthy and safe environment where our customers can get away from the hassles of daily life and kick-start a new beginning. We offer personalized support and services that enable our customers to realize their fitness and health goals and make positive changes that last for the rest of their lives.

The goal of our fitness and health expert teams at PhuketFit is to attain and maintain the god standard of nutrition and training in Thailand. PhuketFit is committed to providing you with the best stay and experience, offer the needed encouragement and motivation, understand the guests and their specific wants and goals, and assist you in becoming the best that is possible.

Enjoy while effectively losing weight at PhuketFit

Our teams at PhuketFit makes use of Yoga, fitness, cleanses, health food and other training options to ensure that the specific fitness and weight loss goals of our guests are met. Additionally, continuous support will be provided by certified individuals with similar objectives and goals.

PhuketFit offers 3 distinct programs that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The weight loss camp will help lose unwanted weight quickly and safely, the detox and cleanse plan will help detoxify the body, and the total fitness program will help attain desired fitness levels, increased athletic abilities, and even complete body transformation.

Some of our offerings and specialties that help you achieve your weight loss, fitness, and health desires and goals are listed below:
• Clean, safe, and comfortable accommodations with high-speed Wi-Fi.
• A friendly staff to assist you with any kind of in-house needs as well as for other requirements like booking a tour in Phuket or to other places in Thailand.
• The Healthy House offers mouth-watering and nutritious dishes, including ‘supper foods’ like mung beans and chai seeds. They not only offer the much needed fuel for the hard training programs, but also help burn far, boost energy levels, and build lean muscles.
• An in-house fitness shop where you can purchase PhuketFit sportswear, training gear, and the latest sports and nutritional supplements that facilitate the process of growth and recovery.
• A fitness gym with all the latest equipment, cardiovascular machines, weight machines, free weights, and more to help you build lean muscle or lose weight.
• A TRX Suspension Area equipped with TRX Rip trainers and TRX Suspension trainers.
• A completely matted fitness area that offers options such as circuit training, CrossFit-style, HIIT and lots more, including the personalized services and support of international fitness trainers.
• A yoga studio with cool sea breeze blowing across. It is the ideal environment for peaceful meditation.
• A Muay Thai Kickboxing area to increase flexibility and strength, burn fat, or even learn the novel sport.

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